Worst.Ever.Photo (again)

Worst.Ever.Photo (again), originally uploaded by Ben909.

This picture upload serves as nothing but a reminder for me of what was an incredibly rare and special encounter with a white deer in the Forest of Dean. After a very successful evening watching boar (no photos unfortunately), we came accross a deer stood in the path on the way back to the car. We stood and watched it for 30 seconds or so, when it stepped out of sight, only for a pure white deer to step in to its place. It was only young, and looked very similar in size to the one in this article (although that is in Devon, but it does illustrate how lucky we were to see this). The light was very bad, and taking a photo was an afterthought. Completely forgot about the long exposure time and ended up with this blurred mess. As I said, not a photo, but a personal reminder of a special evening :)

Location (very much) withheld.

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